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    Problem with saving an Ai file to PDF in Illustrator CS4 Professional


      Hello guys, I have an interesting problem.  The machine has Windows Vista Enterprise with the latest updates and office 2007 Pro+.  The version of adobe installed is Adobe CS4 Professional, in which has the Illustrator and Acrobat updated to the latest patches.  This has happened to the user over the weekend; all of the sudden when she tries to save an Ai file to PDF, it hangs not even bringing up the dialog box.  However, in all the other Adobe programs are able to save it as a PDF.    Now I am able to print from Illustrator into Acrobat, but it doesn't save it to a full sized "page".  I tried saving any Ai file to a different file and then try to save as a PDF....no dice.   This is the second time around where this has happened.  Now here is the kicker, since I'm an admin it will work like a charm under my login; the user is a restricted user (no admin rights).  I also changed the default printer for her, to a local printer.. (read somewhere about that)  no dice.  Any help would obviously be appreciated.  THX