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    Dreamweaver Crashed my websites ip address????




      Here's the story;


      I built my site in Dreamweaver.  Hosting it at GoDaddy.


      Uploaded it fine under www.weyburnenvision.com


      Then I changed the primary URL of the site to www.envisioncounsellingcentre.com


      Made the changes at GoDaddy and in the site manager of Dreamweaver.


      It said it would clear the cache (or something like that) when I changed the remote server info....BUT now all my home computers don't think my site exists!!!


      I contacted GoDaddy...they see the site online and can access the FTP client.  But I can't!  I contacted my IP provider and they don't see any problem either....


      This leaves Dreamweaver...


      Help...the site is live, but I can't access it anymore.


      Thank you,