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    Flex - Blazeds - Spring - Browse for CSV file, show contents on datagrid & save to DB


      Hi All


      I'm new to the Flex World. I'm creating a application using Flex 4, BlazeDS, Spring & Hibernate. My application's goal is to browse for a CSV file from a local folder, and show the contents in a datagrid (in separate rows), edit the content and then save the datagrid to the DB.


      The CSV would look like:




      So i need to upload this CSV to a datagrid and show 6 rows of the data, edit & save to DB. Right now I'm concentrating on showing the CSV contents on the datagrid. I have searched for this but not able to get a solution. Also if there are some examples on how to do this, please do let me know. I have already done this using Spring, Hibernate, Smooks & JSF. So if you can help this Flex newbie, that would be great.



      Thanks in advance