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    swf reference Parent Flex application

    norrisoft Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am using Flex Builder 3 and Adobe Flash CS4/AS 3.0. I have a swf created using AS 3.0 that is the source for an Image in flex:


      import mx.core.Application;
        [Embed(source="common/swf/myCool.swf") ]
        public var isSource:Class;


      <mx:Image id="ico_mag_sm" source="{isSource}" />


      I want the swf to be able to access variables of the Flex applcation that loaded it. I am able top do so by doing the following in the AS of the swf:


          while (myObject.parent){
              myObject = myObject.parent;
              var topParent = myObject;
          var myApplicationVar:String =  topParent.getChildAt(0).application["commonPath"];


      I no not want to use a swfLoader in place of the Image tag.


      So, the question is, in AS 3.0, in this situation, where I do not use a swfLoader, is there an easier way to reference the parent application?


      OR, if the SWF is the source of an image, is there a way for the Flex Application to pass a String to the swf?  I don't want to use a local connection.