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    Livecycle: Is there a way to add a new page by choosing what kind of page from a drop down menu


      I am creating a form to be used for patient care,

      I have multiple pages, the first is an information page, second is an evaluation page, the third is a treatment page.


      I am hoping to add a drop down menu (Add New Page) with the following in it:


      1. Treatment Note

      2. Discharge Summary

      3. Treatment Order

      4. Progress Note


      Each of the selections corresponds to a specific page layout.

           ie:  1.  Vitals, signature, etc.

                 2. Previous information compared to current status

                3.  Ordering equipment etc.

                4. Updating referral source.



      I am new to this so any help is appreciated, assume I know very little to begin with so specifics on how to create your recommendations are greatly appreciated.