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    Dreamweaver 8 Update 8.0.2


      Trying to see if anyone can tell me where to get a trial version of Dreamweaver 8 (I know, it's arcaic) but I called Customer Support and they told me to use the Forums to send an email.  Not sure this will help much, but I am trying to fix Dreamweaver 8 as it won't start up, and this update (8.0.2) includes Update 8.0.1 which fixed the sporatic instances when Dreamweaver 8 would not start up.


      Found this here: http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/dreamweaver/dw8/releasenotes.html#802


      The people who's computer this belongs to do not have the CD for Dreamweaver 8, and it says you have to re-install Dreamweaver 8 when you run the update, and this site gives an alternative to users who do not have the CD, but I cannot get a trial version of Dreamweaver 8. I'm about 99% sure that using the trial version for Dreamweaver CS4 or CS5 will NOT work, as it is much different. I just need the .msi installer for Dreamweaver 8.