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    Can't open links in pdf file 9.3.2

    tworm Level 1

      I have installed Reader 9.3.2 and all of the sudden I can't open links within a pdf file. I get a block message and it doesn't give me the option to choose Allow. When I go to Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager > Settings everything is grayed out. I had to revert back to 9.3.1 for it to work again. Does anyone know the fix for this. Our 9.3.2 install was streamlined into a 9.3.0 msi package and then installed through a GPO.

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          same problem here..  but I figured it out..  Believe it or not, if you just wait 5-10min it will come up.   I also "End-Task" on some exe that start or had "3D"in the name and after that adobe would come up fast when opening pdf's. Think you need to disable some of the internet related items under preferences.