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    Help needed


      I have Adobe Photoshop 8 elements installed and it works fine!  I have downloaded the Adobe  Photoshop 8 premier (free trial) to check the results.


      From the Adobe Premiere Elements Screen, I went to organizer (create) and put together a slide show and saved it.  Then go to Share ... (Burn Vidio DVD and the PRE8 screan comes up  "PRE ll    file edit clip timeline etc."  (nothing else on screen) !    If I then go to File - open - (select the saved project) and hit open the following comes up!


      Projects created with Adobe Premiere Pro

      and Adobe Premiere Elements are not

      compatable. Please use appropriate

      application to open this project!


      I don't think Elements is talking to Premiere!!!!!


      Any help would be appreciated!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Try having a blank Premiere Elements 8 project open when you port the slideshow to it.


          Also, don't forget to resize all of your slideshow photos to 1000x750 pixels in size, per the FAQs to the right of this forum!



          BTW, you don't need Photoshop Elements to use the Elements Organizer to create a slideshow. That feature was already yours when you purchased Premiere Elements.

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            bryan_farrar123 Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            I have spent all day yesterday and part of today "playing" without success.

            I have re sized as you suggested, opened Premiere Elements as suggested but

            what ever I try, it comes back with the smae message!  Projects created with

            Adobe Premier and Premier Pro are not compatable. Please use appropriate

            application to open this project!


            I'm leaving for a holliday in a couple of days and won't have much time

            ....... my trial will be over before I get back so If I can't get it

            working, I'll have to try a different program!


            Thanks for your help!