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    Passing Variables from CF to C#

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      Good afternoon everyone,


      I would like to pass form and query data to Zebra SDK so that I may print barcodes to a QL420+ mobile printer. Is this possible? The C# form resides on the handheld scanner and CF of course is my web application. Will I need to use .NET services to make this happen?



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          Reed Powell Level 3

          Are you saying that you have an HTML page with <FORM> tags that resides on the scanner?  Or are you talking about the actual form prrocessing page (what the ACTION= points to in the <FORM> tag) running on the scanner? Is that what is in C#.  Should not matter what it is written in - the important piece to isolate is where the form processing is taking place. Your CF code can use a CFHTTP call to send form and/or URL Query data to the form processing page, in exactly the same form that a page with a <FORM> tag would do so, and retrieve whatever data it might send back.  If you send it all of the hidden forms fields, etc., it should work exactly the same as it does when a human enters data into the page with the FORM fields and the app should be fat dumb and happy.  You might need to worry about cookies and session vars, depending on the complexity of the app that is running the form processing, but that's no big thing.  Check out the CFWACK chapters on CFHTTP, and some of Ben Nadel's postings on the topic.

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            Reed Powell,