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    Error "invalid syntax in line 99"

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      I am an absolutly newbie in Flex Builder 3. I use a trail version from Flex Builder 3 because it isn't released a new XMP SDK for Flash Builder 4 to create custom panels. I tried to create my own panel from start with "generic panel", but there were to many restrictions.


      Now, after installing the flex builder 3 and the necessary jar-plugin for building custom panels I try to create a new project. After creation I get always a fault in design mode. Unfortunatly I don't have any idea what my fault is, because I reproduced step by step the advices in the manual "XMP FileInfo SDK Programmers Guide".


      "There is an error at line 99 of your MXML document:

      The "LetzterVersuch" has invalid syntax."



        98  <mx:TabNavigator id="fileInfoTabs" width="100%" height="100%">

        99  <panels:LetzerVersuch id="_customPanel"/>

      100 </mx:TabNavigator>


      I wondered if the Project name is responsible for the error message, but all other trials like "myProject" had produced the same message.


      Has anybody tipps for me?


      Thank you in advance.