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    Open emf and the artboard is blank

    ( Adrian M. )

      I have a weird Enhanced Metafile issue.  When I open the file in Illustrator CS4 the artboard is blank.  But the layers panel shows the image as if it were there.  If I do a font replacement it shows the entire image correctly and I can switch the fonts but the moment I try to zoom in, the image is gone again.


      If I try to place the emf file into an InDesign document I get the following error: "LimitCheck error occurred creating the screen display for the imported graphic.  The graphic will draw as a gray box, and will not print or export correctly."


      The manufacturer of the software says there isn't a problem with their software (No I don't believe it but I need something else before I can go read them the riot act... again).



      Any idea what's going on?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Mmh, any chance you might provide a test file for inspection? AI has never been great at handling such stuff, but maybe there is a pattern to the madness and a workaround. Did you try that release Clipping mask thing? Many times, there will be unnecessary clipping masks applied, effectively hiding al llayer content...



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            ( Adrian M. ) Level 1

            The Layers panel is not showing any clipping masks.  I just think the company is full of sh#! and Illustrator is fine.


            I found the workaround.  I can get a decent PDF output (which fortunately the company is rendering the PDF correctly so it is working as a metafile) from the program and Illustrator can take it apart.  As it turns out the idiots who created the software wrote the Mac version in objective-C and the Windows version in Java.  I really despise Java for desktop apps.

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              Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you do a select all, do you get any indication that something is selected? If so try using the arrow buttons to move everything one click to the left and then one to the right. Does anything become visible? I used to get output from someone (but it was long enough ago that I don't remember which app) that performed that way.

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                ( Adrian M. ) Level 1

                Not if I just do a "select all" nothing is selected.  If you attempt to replace fonts (but you don't actually have to replace any fonts, just launch the function and then click Done) in the emf then the whole thing becomes visible but if you click with any other tool but one the whole thing disappears...that tool, the select tool (NOT the direct select tool... I really want to punch these programmers in the face).  You have to zoom all the way out (~3% on an 8.5x11 artboard) before you do the font replace otherwise you may not see anything.  The emf generated is huge for reasons unknown.  Once you click done on the replace fonts you can click the Select tool and draw a rectangle around just the visible parts of the emf (for some reason there is a huge rectangular path that extends beyond the boundaries of the application window and it is invisible but only about half the size of the visible pieces but if it's included in the selection Illustrator won't let you paste it into a new file).  This will select them and then you can copy and paste them into a new Illustrator file.  It is rendering words but not the numbers of the axes as individual letters instead of words in a text box.  It's a pain to fix all that is wrong but it's easier than breaking up a PDF and the parts of the graph that I need to be a vectors are still vectors so I'll deal with it.


                I would tell you the name of the company but they'd probably hit me with a SLAPP suit.



                Thanks for the help.