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    Importing a .prproj into After Effects

    dragotron75 Level 1

      I'm trying to import a prproj into after effects and everything seems to be there except for the text I animated in Premiere. All of the placeholders are in the BIN in After Effects and they seem to be animated but I don't actually see the text. Does this sound right? Is there a way around this?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What versions of PrPro and AE, please?


          Good luck,



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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            That's correct; titles from PPro won't transfer to AE. Check out the help file (this entry) for more information about what moves from PPro to AE (yes, it says for copying and pasting, but it applies to imported PPro projects, as well).


            Workaround? Well, maybe this:

            You cannot paste Adobe Premiere Pro titles into After Effects, but you can paste text with attributes from the Adobe Premiere Titler into After Effects.

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              dragotron75 Level 1

              OK, thanks guys.. could someone suggest a work around...? After all the work being done in Premiere...i'd like to make use of it. Maybe I can somehow replace the animated attributes with new ones I recreate in after effects. I just dont know how to do that.

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Workaround for what, specifically? For getting the text into AE, or animating it once it's there? If it's the text, read the quote I posted above; you'll just have to open each title in PPro's titler, select and copy the text, and then paste it into a Text layer in AE.


                To animate it--well, that's going to be more work. No guarantees, but you might try this:


                1. Duplicate your sequence to make a backup copy; only work on one of them
                2. Create a new color matte (whatever color, doesn't matter) that matches the dimensions of your titles; so for instance, if you're working with DV 720x480 titles, make sure the color matte is the same.
                3. Select all of your titles in the sequence; you can do this quickly by selecting one of them, and then going to Edit > Label > Select Label Group. Note that this will select all your other graphics, as well, like Photoshop files or JPEGs, so you might have to individually deselect clips; you want just your titles selected.
                4. Drag your color matte from the bin to the sequence, and while holding down the Alt key, release the mouse button when you're hovering over one of the selected titles. This will replace all of the titles with the color matte--that's OK. All we're after is the motion, and since color mattes are turned into solids in AE, the motion will be preserved.
                5. Import your PPro project (the one with the color matte replacements) into AE; all your color matte clips should be solid layers, and the animation should be preserved.
                6. Now, the dirty work: above each animated solid layer, create a new text layer. Jump over to your original PPro project (the one that still has the titles), and open the corresponding title. Copy the text, go to AE, and paste it into the new Text layer. You'll want to position the text so that it is in roughly the same position at its starting point as it was in PPro. Repeat until all your titles are in AE.
                7. With the CTI parked at the beginning of one of your titles, parent that text layer to the solid layer just below it. Turn off the visibility of the solid layer, and the text should animate pretty similarly to how it did in PPro. You may need to tweak it a bit, but be sure to change the keyframe values of the parent layer (the solid) and not the Text layer--it's the one doing all the animation.


                Next time, just do all your titles with Photoshop files so they transfer over

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                  dragotron75 Level 1

                  could i do up the text words in photoshop and somehow replace footage in premiere or after effects so the same motion animation is applied to them?

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    could i do up the text words in photoshop and somehow replace footage in premiere or after effects so the same motion animation is applied to them?

                    Sure thing. You can copy from the PPro Titler and paste into Photoshop, just like you can into AE. The text formatting will be preserved. In fact, you could create a single PSD at the same dimensions as your sequence, and create a new layer for each separate text item you have in PPro. Copy and paste each subsequent PPro title into each subsequent PSD layer, and then position each text item so that it matches the position of its matching Title from PPro.


                    When you've finished your C&P routine, save and import the PSD into PPro; select the Individual Layers option when the Import Layered File dialog appears. This will create a bin with the same name as your PSD, and inside it will be as many individual text items as layers in your PSD file. The clips should be named the same as your layers, and therefore, should also be the same as the text they contain. From here, you just need to drag each PSD layer to the matching title in the sequence, holding down Alt to replace the title. This will preserve the animation; you may have to reposition a bit in case your positioning in PS did not match the positioning in the Titler.


                    When you import the project file into AE, all of the PSD layers will be imported and preserved.