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    CS5 and multiple monitors

    Thrill Media Level 2

      Yaaaay!  Another CS5 question before it's even out!   


      Right now using CS4, I have two video cards, an nVidia Quadro FX 1700 to drive my 2 Dell 2407 LCD monitors and a second older nVidia GeForce 7600 to drive my LCD reference monitor.  In planning ahead for CS5, I want to purchase at least one approved Cuda card to get all of the Mercury goodness and to speed up the rendering of files, BluRay, etc.


      If I purchase two approved cards will I see a significant increase or will I just be wasting my $$?  Will the cards work in tandem or should I just use the Quadro FX 1700 to drive the reference monitor?


      Thanks for any thoughts you may have!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Waste of money. ONE card can use MPE, there is no support for SLI, so what is the use of the second card, without using a BM of AJA card for the third monitor?


          How do you do that now?

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            Thrill Media Level 2

            The second card is used to drive my reference monitor.  I have a BM card but I got tired having to use the BM codec and waiting on them to upgrade their software.  I just installed the second nVidia card and assign the PP output to it.  Works great!  So, that's good... I'll just buy one of the decent approved cards and keep the 1700 for my reference monitor.