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    status bar for multiple preloaded levels (kglad are you there?)


      OK, ive been building a site for about a month now and slowly piecing it together- so far ive managed to get all my various different levels loading and unloading the way i want them to, but now id like a little status bar to load on screen as my multiple levels are loaded in the background.

      The way ive been accomplishing this without the load bar is like so:

      on first frame of main movie

      loadMovieNum("dl_web.swf", 3);
      loadMovieNum("dl_illustration.swf", 4);
      loadMovieNum("dl_retouching.swf", 5);


      (the first frame of each of those movies has a stop function on it)

      And i have buttons on the main movie that make each of those levels visible and play.

      NOW, ive just created a movie clip ive named "bar" which is a thin rectangle, and i would like to have that movie clip load lengthways as my multiple levels are loaded in the background. So, my question is how do i accomplish this? I've looked all over and it seems like all the good preload tutorials are loading into movieclips whereas i am loading into levels.


      Right now my site is technically working, but there will be pauses for people with slower internet connections and i need my bar graphic to pop up so they dont think they are dealing with a broken site....