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    My Video Problems


      I have Premiere Cs4 on my computer, and I imported some video that I  had just taken on my Canon camera. The video won't play through, but the  sound will be just fine. The video will also shift back and forth like  it's trying to play, but it won't do more than that. I had a different  computer that I was using premiere on, but it was damaged which made it  harder to use while travelling. The .AVI files from my Canon camera  worked fine on my other computer, but they aren't working now. I'm not  sure what's wrong, and I'm not too in tune with what all of the file  formats and other components of the video include.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, we'll need a lot more info on those files, their CODEC's, your Project/Sequence Preset and your computer. This ARTICLE will give you tips on what will be necessary.


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            Yeah I have the EXACT same problem. Audio is fine but my video does not play but picture is frozen and sometimes chops to another frame. Here's what I have:




            Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

            Intel Cure Duo T2450 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz

            2GB RAM

            Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family Video card with 256MB

            It's an HP laptop


            Canon Camera Files:

            AVI File

            640x480 frame


            23381kbps total bitrate

            Audio- 705kbps bit rate, 44khz sample rate


            My Preset:

            I've actually tried multiple ones including the DV- NTSC and the Mobile and Devices but it's always the same. I've rendered the clips and still same thing. even just playback and no editing yet it does not run properly.


            I also ran G-Spot to see if I have correct codecs and I have everything.


            And this is also Premiere Pro CS4

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Convert to something editable like MS DV AVI type2 first.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Well, you can do a Desktop Preset, and then in the customize dialog screen, change all attributes to match your source files.


                If you are going to DVD-Video, then I would go with Harm's suggestion to convert to DV-AVI Type II. That will save time and get you good results. Make sure to convert to 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio too, so that PrPro does not have to convert that too.


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                  JBealena Level 1

                  Thank you. I'm generally computer literate, but when it comes to the finite details, I'm lost. I'm not exactly sure how to do all of that. And I found out that the video works in Adobe After Effects and quicktime, but not Premiere

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    For your AV source files, download and install the great free utility, G-Spot. Run one of your files through that. It will give you the full info, and you will want to make careful note of what it tells you.


                    When you go to New Project, choose Desktop for the Preset. That will then yield a dialog screen, where you can change almost all attributes of the Project. This is where the info from G-Spot comes in. Fill in each of the boxes with the info from G-Spot. That will get you a Project, that is based on your source footage. These need to match 100%, or issues will occur.


                    Now, if you have any questions, please post a screen-cap of G-Spot, with one of your AV files in it. We can then tell you which boxes need to be filled in and which entries you need to make - and where.


                    Good luck, and don't let this step intimidate you. It is easier, than it might seem at first. Once you get it, you will have a mastery of the Desktop Preset. Between you and me, I think that the name of that Preset should be "Custom," but Adobe doesn't call me anymore...