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    array is sorted backwards, and contains unwanted fields?....

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      Hi all

      I am creating an array from the flashVars passed from html.

      the string in the html flashVars params looks like this:


      So basically each var is a list of images separated with the bar sign "|"

      I am succesfully retreiving the flashVars into an actionScript array, then I create a new array of
      the listed images, using the split function:

      for(var sVar in flashVars){
      var stringVal = flashVars[sVar];
      images = stringVal.split("|");

      Now, when I loop through the images array and output the result, I get these values, in this order:

      [type Function]

      What is [type Function] and how did it get in my array?
      Then, why are the array values sorted in reverse order (last image is first, first image is last)?....

      I hope you can help.

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