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    mixing 30p and 60i (HDV) on the same timeline

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      Hey guys and gals


      I was just wondering- I currently have a SONY HC-9 HDV little camcorder and it's good- but for my next interview shoot (talking heads) I may use 2 cameras (2 different angles to spice it up a bit)- I was thinking of getting the Sony Z5U HDV- that thing is supposed to be pretty sweet- but it also shoots in 30p in addition to 60i. So my question is could I shoot my little b cam in 60i and the more expensive cam, in 30p and then edit everything in a Sony HDV 30p sequence in PPRO CS4?


      then exporting to DVD


      is this inviting trouble? should I just stick with 60i with both cams in a Sony HDV30i PPRO sequence? I've read the 30p setting on the Z5U looks nicer


      Any Thoughts?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you are going to SD, Jeff Bellune's Tutorial might simplify some things first.


          Though one can easily mix-n-match with different Sequences in CS4, I do not think that that is what you will want. For Multi-cam, I would convert one format to the other, then you're working with the same specs., and should be able to use Multi-cam to make it happen.


          Good luck, and glad that you're doing your homework, prior to beginning the editing.


          Also, as this is a tech question, I think you'll be better off in the PrPro main forum, as you will get much more traffic, and probably better answers, than I could give. This is where we gather to eat yoodles and drink beer, and discuss non-tech stuff, so long as it is not religion, or politics.


          I'll PM one of the MOD's, and ask him to move this for you, so do not be alarmed, if it's gone from here, and appears out in the main forum.



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            TL2121 Level 1



            Thanks Bill


            Just what I thought- more hassle than it would be worth


            I'll just shoot everything in 60i- I tell ya with all these formats and frame rates and progressive vs. interlace- makes me wanna go back in time to the simple days of SD DV


            Thanks Again