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    Rereshing A Tilelist - Better to have Multiple DataProviders or 1?

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I don't exactly know what to call this problem or if it is indeed a problem at all but basically in my app I have a type list that's dataprovider is an arraycollection which is dynamically populated via remote xml. Each time a user selects a category in my application it sends a request to my server which returns different data into the array collection so obviously the array collection dataprovider of the tilelist itself is changing based on items the user clicks.


      The thing I don't like though is the fact that when a user clicks on one category it takes a couple of seconds for the items in the tilelist to switch to the items of the next category. I think this is largely due to net connection speed but it's annoying when sometimes a user clicks another category and items from the previous category are still viewable and clickable inside the tilelist.


      Is it better practice to have multiple dataproviders perhaps initialed on startup which the user can switch between rather than just one which changes via request's sent to the web or perhaps having a tilelist for each category? I just thought it to be best to slim down the code as much as possible by having one universal dataprovider but is this the wrong way for optimisation of application speed and functionality?