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    Dreamweaver forms: What do the hidden field input names mean?

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      I created a form on my current website (with some help) which has so far worked fine. I am using Dreamweaver CS4.

      I have no problems with inserting the form fields, spry fields, etc - it's the hidden fields that send into to the web server that I'm having trouble understanding. Below is the code for the hidden fields I currently have in my form:



      <form id="contactForm" name="contactForm" method="post" action="http://cgi.uk2.net/cgi-bin/uk2-formmail.pl">

            <input name="recipient" type="hidden" id="recipient" value="info@mywebsite.co.uk" />

            <input name="env_report" type="hidden" id="env_report" value="REMOTE_HOST,REMOTE_ADDR,HTTP_USER_AGENT&quot;"/>

            <input name="print_config" type="hidden" id="print_config" value="contactName,contactAddress1,contactAddress2,contactAddressTown1,contactAddressTown 2,contactAddressCity,contactAddressPostcode,contactEmail,contactTelephone,contactMethod,co ntactSource,contactComments" />

            <input name="sort" type="hidden" id="sort" value="order:message" />

            <input name="required" type="hidden" id="required" value="" />

            <input name="print_blank_fields" type="hidden" id="print_blank_fields" value="1" />

            <input name="redirect" type="hidden" id="redirect" value="http://www.mywebsite.co.uk/thankyou.html" />

            <input name="subject" type="hidden" id="subject" value="Website Enquiry" />



      Line 1 form id= is no problem, and the input names "recipient", "redirect", and "subject" are self explanatory.

      However, I don't understand the rest: input name="env_report", "print_config", "sort", "required", "print_blank_fields"?? The help I had putting all this together is no longer available so I'm lost. Is there a forum somewhere which explains all the different types and what info each one collects/submits?


      I also want to have the sender's name and email address show in my email inbox when i receive their enquiry. Currently this is blank when it comes through.


      I've tried the so-called 'support' with my provider UK2, their idea of support is telling me to go look online. Thanks!



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          Hidden fields are simply form fields that do not display in the browser.


          >What do the hidden field input names mean?


          Input name?  You need to break that down.  "Input" is a tag that designates the field as an input field. "Name" is a property of the input tag.


          What the actual usage of these fields is left to the form processing script. These tags do nothing by themselves. It's the server side script that uses them. What or how it is using them is impossible to tell without seeing the script.