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    Flash player IE activex error.


      The version of Adobe Flash player Activexthat you are trying to install is not  the most current version.


      Any idea how to solve the issues?


      Tried the following links.. but it isn't working



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          pwillener Level 8

          You are getting this error message when trying to do what?


          I would start resolving this by opening this page http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html

          • download the FP uninstaller from section 1 (save to disk);
          • download the Flash Player 10 ActiveX installer in section 5 (save to disk);
          • close all browser windows, then run the downloaded uninstaller, followed by the installer.



          P.S. if you had, by any chance, Flash Player 10.1 installed previously, then you will need the 10.1 uninstaller.

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            I'm having the same problem installing the ActiveX plugin in IE8 after I installed the RC version of Flash 10.1. I can install the current release version of Flash on Chrome [beta], but not in IE8. I installed Flash 10.1 RC 1 on both IE8 and Chrome [beta], but only IE8 is giving me an issue installing the current release of Flash.

            I ran the Flash 10.1 RC 1 uninstaller, then ran CCleaner (Registry cleaner option), rebooted and still can't install the ActiveX plugin. I even ran the uninstaller for Flash 10.0, but it didn't help.

            Now, though, I don't know if I should keep Flash 10.0, when I can install it, I will give your suggestion a try, or just go ahead and install Flash 10.1 RC 2. I didn't know it was released.

            Should I go ahead and install Flash 10.1 RC 2?



            I tried the suggestion by pwillener, but it unfortunately did not work. This is the error message I get. I guess I'll download Flash 10.1 RC 2. I mainly use Chrome [beta], but still occasionally use IE8.


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              maria__ Adobe Employee



              If you have installed a Flash Player 10.1 beta or release candidate, you will need to follow the uninstall instructions posted on labs.adobe.com to revert to the currently released shipping version (  Please go to to http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html to download the Windows uninstaller.  The uninstall instructions, as posted on labs.adobe.com are:




              Use the prerelease  uninstaller:


              1. Save the uninstaller, and wait for it to download completely.
              2. An uninstaller icon will appear on your desktop.
              3. Run the uninstaller with the -uninstall -force command     
                1. Open the Windows Command Prompt (Run > cmd).
                2. Navigate to the directory where the uninstaller was  downloaded.
                3. Run the uninstaller with the -force command, e.g.:
                  flashplayer10_1_rc2_uninstall_win_041910.exe -force


              Pleaes ensure all programs that may use the Flash Player (browsers, IM clients, etc) are closed when uninstalling to ensure the player is completely and correctly uninstalled.






              P.S.  There are similar uninstall instructions for Mac posted at http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html

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                tombonica Level 1

                Hi Maria,


                I saw those instructions and gave it a try, but wasn't sure what to do -- using the Command Prompt.


                I went ahead and installed Flash 10.1 RC2.



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                  maria__ Adobe Employee

                  Hi Tom,


                  • Launch the command prompt:  Start > Run
                  • Then type cmd in the text field, click OK.  The command window will launch.
                  • When launching the command window in this manner the default directory is usually C:\Documents and Settings\UserID
                  • If you downloaded the uninstaller to your desktop, change directories to the desktop, Type cd Desktop then hit Enter to execute.  This will change directories to \Documents and Settings\UserID\Desktop
                  • Then type the uninstaller file name and the -force argument: flashplayer10_1_rc2_uninstall_win_041910.exe -force and hit Enter.
                  • The uninstaller UI dialog will display.  Proceed to uninstall - be sure any program that uses Flash Player is closed before you uninstall.


                  Hope this helps.



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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5



                    Hi, Just a FYI. There are other issues going on right now regarding Flash Player. They do not have anything to do with

                    the Uninstaller of any beta. That is not the issue at this time. It is more involved than that and what many users are experiencing are all "other issues" related.


                    Just to be clear the regular uninstaller for the beta works just fine, no need to use the command line.


                    What is happening started 4/14/10 and I for one among others here are waiting for clarification of those issues.


                    The install of the betas and the uninstall are the same.






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                      maria__ Adobe Employee

                      Hello eidnolb,


                      The issue in this thread, at least from tombonica, is that they installed a release candidate build and are now having problems unintsalling and reverting back to the shipping version (currently  In this case, it does have to do with uninstalling a beta build.


                      If someone has installed a beta/release candidate, they must uninstall, from the command window, using the beta/release candiate uninstaller with the -force argument to revert to the shipping version, else they will get the error indicating the version they are trying to install ( is not the most current version.  This is especially important for the ActiveX version of the player.


                      Please refer to http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html.  These instructions are posted there.


                      Again, my comment is in response to tombonica, who is attempting to uninstall a release candidate build and revert to the currently released version (, not any other issues you may be refering to, which are not mentioned in this thread.





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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5



                        I have had this discussion with you before over past months. The topic of the thread that was started by mxvx was the message he was getting about the version he was trying to install was not the latest version. And Bob addressed that.



                        Tombonica was stating the same exact thing. He also stated that he ran the required Flash 10.1 RC 1 Uninstaller.

                        and said "and still can't install the ActiveX plug-in"


                        I looked at the link that clearly shows the message that he is receiving, same thing that mxvx received.


                        Yet, you are saying he's having a problem uninstalling the beta, when he just clearly stated he had Uninstalled it.


                        I know about the Uninstaller for the beta and clearly so does Tombonica, having used it. The point was, after using it,

                        he still was getting the message that he could not Install Flash Player vs and his link states that also.


                        I posted what I did to explain to you there are other issues going on with FP, other users are getting the same message and they have not installed any betas whatsoever.


                        Yet you come on the thread to state the obvious, as you did on another thread. On that thread, the person's issues had already been resolved and FP and everything was working. So your same copy and paste about how to Uninstall a beta,

                        was lost on me as I'm sure it was for the person that had his issues solved.


                        This is my understanding of Tombonica's point and also mxvx and either one are welcome if it is not correct.





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                          mxvx Level 1

                          I am still facing the issue


                          I downloaded the latest version and was trying to install that from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ , It was of no help. I was getting the same error. Does it has anything to do with the debugger versions? I tried installing the debug versions of flash player?


                          In additions, I even get the error when I browse through livedocs.adobe.com. An example link http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/mx/controls/DataGrid.html


                          I also tried the force uninstall.. It was also not helping




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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi mx,  As far as my research and forums searches show, it does not have anything to do with the debuggers.


                            I have been fully aware of what is happening, just have not been able to determine the exact cause. I know that last week I was working with a user and gave him the normal Uninstall and Install instructions that I have been doing for many months. He had a successful Install and everything bore that out.


                            Within a matter of just a few hours, I was working with someone on another thread. Although their issues were somewhat different, they too needed to do an Uninstall and Install. Everything went fine, until the Install. They received the exact message that you and many other since have received. They were redirected to the adobe.com site, the DLM(download manager hung up and all kinds of problems. The Uninstall link was the same one I had just given the previous person and it worked fine.


                            So I did some checking and noticed the Install links had changed. I even posted on a thread last night about it to Bob. He is trying to check into it. I made 2 PM's this morning but have not had a clarification.


                            Another website that offers Installs for a great variety of programs had the current beta as the latest release. Could not find except one download for the IE vs and that was for IE only. None for Firefox or other versions, except betas. I downloaded the IE vs to my Desktop. I don't have a test machine so can't determine what would occur if was used to Install.

                            Now another person I'm helping did try to install that and got redirected to the adobe.com with the DLM that they had already been thru but did not proceed.


                            This is what I was trying to relate a bit earlier. Something has happened, that is clear. Exactly what I'm sure we all would like to know.


                            Perhaps Bob has found something on it and I know he will post the info. I'll keep your thread so I can post it too for you.


                            That is all I know at this point.





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                              mxvx Level 1

                              Thank you very much for you help eidnolb.


                              One thing I am noticing is, I have uninstalled lots of times...but the file




                              is not getting deleted. Does it has anything t odo with it. .

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                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                Hi mx, you are welcome. Yes that file does. I would like to see what you have in your Flash folder and what OS and browser you use.


                                Will post back later.





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                                  tombonica Level 1

                                  Hi eidnolb,

                                  Yes, my problem is installing the ActiveX plugin for IE8 after installing and uninstalling Flash 10.1 RC1. I can uninstall Flash 10.0 on Chrome (beta), but not the ActiveX plugin on IE8.

                                  The way I go about trying install Flash 10.0 on IE8 is by going to adobe.com, clicking on the download Flash button, then I'm taken to the download page, the DML (Adobe Download Manager thing) pops up saying that something or other had already been downloaded/installed and if I wanted to run it again (I've gotten this message before, so it's nothing new there), but when the installation is finished, I'm taken to another page -- I'm guessing it's the page where the Flash installation test happens, but I'm once again prompted to download the ActiveX plugin (again) and that's when I get the error message.

                                  I didn't have any problems with Flash 10.1 RC1, I just decided to uninstall it. I installed Flash 10.1 RC2 and didn't get the error message.

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                                    mxvx Level 1

                                    I use Windows XP with sp3, and IE 7.0.5730.13


                                    I have the  following in my flash folder




                                    uninstall_plugin.exe and

                                    install.log file which has the following details.


                                    Start Main Section - Date=21/04/2010 (Wednesday)
                                    CreateDirectory: "C:\WINNT\system32\Macromed\Flash" (1)
                                    Call: 441
                                    Safety Check
                                    Call: 116
                                    Call: 1191
                                    File: overwriteflag=1, allowskipfilesflag=2, name="C:\DOCUME~1\mxvx\LOCALS~1\Temp\nsx19.tmp\UserInfo.dll"
                                    File: wrote 4096 to "C:\DOCUME~1\mxvx\LOCALS~1\Temp\nsx19.tmp\UserInfo.dll"
                                    CheckAdminPermissions Name = mxvx
                                    Call: 1191
                                    File: overwriteflag=1, allowskipfilesflag=2, name="C:\DOCUME~1\mxvx\LOCALS~1\Temp\nsx19.tmp\UserInfo.dll"
                                    File: skipped: "C:\DOCUME~1\mxvx\LOCALS~1\Temp\nsx19.tmp\UserInfo.dll" (overwriteflag=1)
                                    CheckAdminPermissions Account Type = Admin
                                    Jump: 148
                                    Call: 148
                                    Call: 74
                                    Jump: 111
                                    GetWindowsVersion -

                                    CheckSupportedPlatform  - OS=XP

                                    Call: 447
                                    Call: 74
                                    Jump: 111
                                    GetWindowsVersion - XP

                                    Call: 1191
                                    File: overwriteflag=1, allowskipfilesflag=2, name="C:\DOCUME~1\mxvx\LOCALS~1\Temp\nsx19.tmp\fpinstall.dll"
                                    File: wrote 8704 to "C:\DOCUME~1\mxvx\LOCALS~1\Temp\nsx19.tmp\fpinstall.dll"
                                    ObjectExistsAndIsOwnedBySomeoneElse = 0
                                    Jump: 490
                                    MessageBox: 12582960,"The version of Adobe® Flash® Player ActiveX that you are trying to install is not the most current version.
                                    Please visit http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer to obtain the latest, most secure version."

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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. I'm sure you read my reply to mxvx. I received a couple of responses but they didn't really

                                      address the issue that you and others are experiencing.


                                      I have some info I want to exchange with Bob, but have to wait a bit due to the time zone differences.


                                      The DLM gave you that message about it already being downloaded/installed because the DLM is still on your system.

                                      That is one of the biggest issues with the DLM. The download manager when it is finished installing FP, it is supposed to disconnect. Part of the problem is that is does not. That is interesting about being taken to a test page if that is the correct description of what happens. I know it is difficult to remember each action, especially when it is something new.

                                      However your description of it does support another person's.


                                      Apart from what I related to mxvx, I don't know why a change has occurred. I have been offline for awhile and have a couple of things to check and will post back.


                                      I'm trying to get as much information as I can and certainly will relate it to those on this thread.





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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi mxvx, thanks for the info. At the end of the log where it sites the message box, what site had you gone to to Install Flash Player? Then this is the log of that attempt I assume?  Then the last entry directed you to that site. Did you attempt

                                        to download and install from there also?


                                        Is this log from the first attempt or from the site on this log, if in fact you used it? I'm trying to determine which site gave you that message that is in the message box.



                                        Regarding your files in the Flash folder, it appears they are for Firefox or other non-IE browsers. I think the two files listed with a .exe are typos. I'm sure the point is that no IE Flash files are installed, which is true.



                                        As I just posted to tombonica, I have a couple of things to check and will post back.







                                        P.S. If any of you see or obtain any info about this, please let me know also!!!

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                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                          To mxvx and tombonica and any others that are having the same problem:


                                          This is the thread I posted on last night to Bob. Thot it would help keep the subject together. I cross referenced this thread to this one also:







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                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5





                                            mxvx & tombonica, Bob just posted this on that other thread and this should work.


                                            I'm just bringing it here for you.



                                            P.S. If you have the DLM installed, I would remove it from Add/Remove or Programs & Features and Reboot before trying this link. Also, if the DLM is installed, I am finding the getPlus is there too, so remove it.


                                            Some have had the get_atlcom Class in their IE add ons also and in the program files the gp.ocx and gp.inf. It appears that removing those two files will automatically remove the get_atlcom Class in the add ons.


                                            Everything after the P.S. I had users do last year, so it works.






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                                              tombonica Level 1

                                              Hi eidnolb,

                                              Yes, maybe calling the page a "test page" isn't correct, I think it's actually the "Successful installation" message page. You know, the Flash animation you get once the installation is over? I don't know, well, more like remember, if it's the same page -- just reloaded, or a new page on adobe.com. It's a page/Flash animation I've seen before when installing Flash, after closing the DLM window, but now I'm just prompted to install the ActiveX plugin.

                                              I will check out your link to the other post.

                                              Thanks eidnolb!


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                                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                Hi Tom, I was so glad to see Bob's post with that link, hope it works!


                                                You are right on that description, we call it the test site. It tests your install etc.






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                                                  mxvx Level 1

                                                  Hi Eidnolb


                                                  Thank you very much for your kind support. it has installed successfuly following ur instructions. The prerelease uninstaller did the trick.


                                                  But not fortunate enough to view the flash files in IE. It is throwing out a java script error "Object requried"?


                                                  Is there any other setting that needs to be set?




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                                                    mxvx Level 1



                                                    The problem has been solved..  the following site has the solutions .need to add a varaible in registry.





                                                    Thank you very much Eidnolb and other




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                                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                      Hi mxvx, nice to hear from you, especially since you make 3 out of 3 that has had success using that link!!


                                                      I've finally heard that Adobe has made a correction in the other installer link but have not had any feedback yet. I hope so since it was creating a mess:-)



                                                      So glad you have everything working. Thanks for the MS link, will check it out.



                                                      Bob was such a help, glad he was able to provide that.



                                                      Thanks for reporting back and marking your thread as answered. I'm sure there are others having that problem and will

                                                      benefit from all that has been covered here.




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                                                        tombonica Level 1

                                                        Hi eidnolb,

                                                        I'm afraid to report I didn't have success with the link you provided. I got the same error message.

                                                        This is what I did. Since I can't install the current release version of Flash (10.0), I went ahead and installed Flash 10.1 RC2 on Chrome (beta) and IE8 -- this was before you posted you link. I just tried your link, but it didn't work. What I did there was first go into the Control Panel > Add/Remove Program and uninstalled both the Flash 10.1 RC2 ActiveX (for IE) plugin and the Flash 10.1 RC2 (for Windows). I think both are the same, but if I install the latter (Flash 10.1 RC2 for Windows), Chrome will play Flash media, but not IE8.

                                                        Then I ran the Flash 10.1 RC2 uninstaller, just to make sure everything was removed, and when I ran installer in your link, the same error message popped up.

                                                        I think I'm going to stay with the Flash 10.1 RC2 version, and hopefully once Flash 10.1 is released, I'll be able to install it using the ActiveX plugin. I can install Flash on Windows, be it the current release or RC, but only Chrome can use it. I wasn't having any issues with Flash 10.1 RC1, I just decided to uninstall it. Flash 10.1 RC2 hasn't given me any issues either.

                                                        Thanks much for all your assistance.


                                                        PS I just saw mxvx's link, but that deals with IE7 and I'm on IE8.

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                                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                          Hi Tom, thanks for the information and comments. I am not going to try to change your mind, just want to make an observation and a comment or two.


                                                          You installed RC2 in Chrome & IE; then you Uninstalled from Add/Remove the RC2 ActiveX & the RC2 plug-in. Then you ran the pre-release Uninstaller. Then you ran the Installer using the link I provided, and received the same error. Now correct me if I am wrong, but at this point no Flash Player was installed in IE, correct? But you did re-install RC2 in Chrome? So if I am following you correctly, Flash Player RC2 is working in Chrome. IE is not working because you did not

                                                          Install ANY version of Flash Player, correct?


                                                          Now I would like to draw your attention to this link:




                                                          Page down to "Flash Player 10.1 Release Candidate 2"

                                                          Download plug-in for Windows (my comment: this is for Firefox and any "other browser" supported)

                                                          Download ActiveX for Windows (my comment: this is for those using Internet Explorer)


                                                          Just wanted to point out that you thot when you removed RC2 ActiveX (for IE) & RC2 (for Windows) from Add/Remove they were the same. Adobe didn't make this very clear. ActiveX always is Windows, plug-ins are non-Windows if you will (FF, Chrome, etc) I'm sure you used both before, right?


                                                          Just wanted to mention too, that sometimes when several Uninstalls and Installs are done, a glitch can occur. An old Flash file may not get removed and cause a problem, etc. The only way to know for sure is check your Flash folder.


                                                          If you want to check your Flash folder and make sure no unwanted IE files are in there, then you could Install the RC2 and see if that would work for you.


                                                          Thanks for listening,




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                                                            tombonica Level 1

                                                            Hi eidnolb,

                                                            Sure. No problem. I'm just going to stay with the RC version of Flash because I haven't had any issues with it, so far. I just decided to uninstall RC1 (this was before I installed RC2) just because, you know?

                                                            Yes, I installed Flash 10.1 RC2, both the plug-in and ActiveX, then uninstalled both via Add/Remove Program, and I also ran the Rc2 uninstaller, just to make sure Flash was uninstalled. So at this point Flash was not installed, then I ran the ActiveX link you provided and got the same error message I get when I use the Adobe ActiveX plug-in.

                                                            Since getting Chrome, I've had to do two Flash installs: One for IE8 and one for Chrome, but before installing RC1 and then RC2 (I uninstalled RC1 before installing RC2), I always used the Adobe Flash installation pages (Adobe.com > Get Flash button...).

                                                            Now, if I install only the Flash plugin, Flash will work in Chrome, but not in IE8. I have to download the ActiveX plug-in to get Flash on IE8. I always uninstall botht he plug-in and ActiveX plug-in.

                                                            If you can point me to the Flash folder in XP, I will let you know what I found there.

                                                            I went to C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe but only found the following folders: Acrobat, Color, ESD, Reader 9.1, TypeSupport, and Updater6. I don't know if I looked in the wrong place.

                                                            Thanks eidnold

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                                                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                              Hi again, Flash files are located in the Flash folder via C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash. Right click on the Flash

                                                              folder and open. Just post back all files listed.


                                                              Hopefully all are as they should be, but "stuff" happens. I just am trying to determine why the RC2 is not working for you in IE. Of course ActiveX Controls in IE have always been more difficult to Uninstall for some reason or the other.


                                                              Well, you have it down as far as what to do to accomplish what you want:-) I think you've done a great job with it all.




                                                              P.S. I gave you the path to the 32bit, didn't see where your OS was 64bit.






                                                              • 28. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                tombonica Level 1

                                                                Hi eidnolb,

                                                                No, it's cool. I don't mind providing more info. Here's a screenshot of my contents in the folder.

                                                                One small correction, regarding: "I just am trying to determine why the RC2 is not working for you in IE."

                                                                The Flash 10.1 RC2 ActiveX is working in IE8. What's not working is the current release of Flash ( ActiveX for IE8. When I try to install that version, either with the Adobe installer or the link you provided, I get the error message.

                                                                Flash 10.1 RC2 (, plugin and ActiveX, work for me.

                                                                Here's the screenshot.

                                                                Thanks again eidbolb.


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                                                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                  Hi Tom, thanks for the screenshot, everything looks good and no unwanted files. Glad you clarified which FP was in IE and which wasn't able to be:-) I misunderstood that part.


                                                                  I'm still puzzled why the FP can't be installed in IE. There could be several reasons but if the DLM/getPlus/NOS is installed (check Add/Remove) and a get_atlcom Class is in the IE add ons, that would be the cause. Like I said in a prior post here when it is used for the first time, it is supposed to disconnect but doesn't. Then when a user tries to Install the next time, it activates and causes problems again. The DLM/getPlus is removed from Add/Remove, but that does not

                                                                  remove the files. The NOS is in the Program files and removed from there. The add on get_atlcom Class is removed by searching for the location of the gp.ocx and gp.inf(both getPlus files) and deleting them.


                                                                  This in my opinion is the main reason that FP (non-beta) is not installing in IE. Too many users have been prevented from installing FP in IE until they removed all of the above DLM related files.


                                                                  I think that is why the Installer at adobe.com didn't work and Bob's link didn't work for you, the DLM interfered. I understand it's purpose in compressing files on the download to make it faster, etc. and if one is downloading 300MB of files. But for smaller downloads, it is a hindrance from what I have encountered many many times. JMO:-) And no I have never used it, thankfully!


                                                                  Just stating this for your information.


                                                                  As long as RC2 is working for you, then that is the objective:-)


                                                                  Thanks for your patience and responding to my many questions.




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                                                                    tombonica Level 1

                                                                    Hi eidnolb,

                                                                    I checked and Add/Remove Programs does not have any of the entries you mentioned, and the Add-on manager in IE8 only lists Reader and Shockwave entries (all enabled).

                                                                    You know, I had installed and uninstalled Flash before w/out any issues. This started when I installed and uninstalled Flash 10.1 RC1 (I'm now using RC2).

                                                                    I looked in the Program Files folder (in Adobe's folder) for NOS file, but there was nothing there but info on Reader. I also searched (I checked to also search hidden files) for the other files you mentioned. Are these two files I need to delete?

                                                                    I copied and paste the names of the files, gp.ocx yielded no results, but gp.inf returned two.


                                                                    I guess a problem that might arise once Flash 10.1 is released is if I get the same error message. If you tell me that those are the file I need to delete, I'll do that once Flash 10.1 is released, just to start with a new download of DLM.

                                                                    Thanks again for your assistance eidnolb.

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                                                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                      Hi Tom, thanks for all of the checking. I looked at the screenshot and I am not sure that is the file. From memory, it should say "gp.inf", not just .inf. I have some info on the direct path, but not within reach. For now I would not delete either one

                                                                      of those until it can be determined they are the gp.inf and not some other file.



                                                                      Just wait until that can be confirmed. When Flash Player updates again you can address it then. The DLM/getPlus/NOS

                                                                      and the gp.ocx are not on your system and this gp.inf has been neutered even if this is the correct one in the screenshot.

                                                                      Better to be safe than sorry on this.


                                                                      When I have an extra moment, I'll get the complete path for it.



                                                                      So, you can just enjoy your RC2's and not worry about it:-)




                                                                      Thanks for all of the searching and checking. I sort of like that yfrog, does a good job.




                                                                      • 32. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                        tombonica Level 1

                                                                        Hi eidnolb,

                                                                        Well, that was a good thing I first asked you before deleting those files :-) For a moment there I thought those were the files, but then decided to check first.

                                                                        Cool. I will wait for your next post.

                                                                        yfrog is good. It's run/owned by imageshack.us, which I also like.

                                                                        Thanks again.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                          Hi, Ok, These files gp.ocx and gp.inf are in the downloaded program files if they are there at all. You can also go to Tools>Internet Options, click on Settings, then View Objects. If nothing is listed then you are fine.


                                                                          The DLM is used by Adobe for not only Flash Player but other Adobe programs as well, Reader, Acrobat, etc.


                                                                          Problems occur when the DLM doesn't work as it is supposed to.


                                                                          Yes, I'm glad you checked first too on those files. The path that others used was C:\Windows\downloaded...gp.ocx & gp.inf. Now in that case, the files were damaged, so then deleted.




                                                                          Well, hope that clears those files up. I don't understand why installs need to be so complicated! LOL I'm sure I'm not alone in that opinion.



                                                                          Thanks a lot,



                                                                          • 34. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                            tombonica Level 1

                                                                            Hi eidnolb,

                                                                            I found the files! :-) They were in the last location you mentioned. You know, usually I go into the Temp. Internet Files folder to pluck out files from there, but had never clicked on the View Files folder.

                                                                            Here's a screenshot.


                                                                            The file appears as damaged.

                                                                            I'm going to stay with Flash 10.1 RC2, but, per your instructions, I'm going to delete that file, so next time I install Flash, it'll download again what it needs.

                                                                            From what I read online, Flash also leaves old versions installed, which isn't good either.

                                                                            Thanks again for all your assistance eidnolb. I'll make sure to post a follow up when I upgrade Flash to the current release (hopefully that'll be 10.1).


                                                                            • 35. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                              Hi Tom, LOL, well those are the ones. Using View Objects is an easier way. You should be able to right click on them and remove.  Regarding Flash Player leaving old versions behind, yes they do. But they are readily found in the Flash folder and the SWO in the add ons. The Uninstaller will remove all files from the Flash folder as long as you comply with the instructions:-) The SWO is the difficult one sometimes. Now if there are any Flash files anywhere other than than, I have never known it. In my opinion it wouldn't matter, since the only ones that work are in the Flash folder!


                                                                              Well, we'll look forward to the FP 10.1. When that time comes, it might be a good idea to put up a thread in your name, any subject you like...


                                                                              mxvx is probably tired of receiving all of these email notifications, sorry mxvx we're done, now you can have some piece

                                                                              and quiet:-)



                                                                              Thanks for everybody's help in all of this, hope the next round goes well!!




                                                                              • 36. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                                tombonica Level 1

                                                                                Hi eidnolb,

                                                                                LOL What a saga, huh? And sorry mxvx :-)

                                                                                I was able to remove the file. I saw an option to Update the file, but since you said to remove, that's what I did. When I clicked on Update, it asked me to download DLM.

                                                                                That's actually one of the reasons why I run the uninstaller after I remove Flash using Add/Remove, so that it removes any remnant of it. I think I heard about Flash leaving old versions of itself from either Brian Kerbs or the dude that runs Hardware 2.0 on ZDNet.

                                                                                Thanks again for your assistance, eidnolb. Good to know there are people like you on the forum.


                                                                                • 37. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                                  Hi Tom, saga is a good word, or as the world of Flash turns:-) Oh, yeah update, they wish!! LOL I like the Remove better.


                                                                                  Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason, just use common sense. I like ZDnet for their Telecom and Computer news.


                                                                                  I should mention that no one receives email notifications from a thread if they have not posted on it. So when the next

                                                                                  Flash Player update comes out, you can send me a PM so I'll know you are putting up a thread. The PM is at the top where

                                                                                  new, your stuff, history, etc. Click on your stuff.



                                                                                  I am off to check on some anti-virus programs and see if I can find how much damage they are doing:-)



                                                                                  Thanks Tom,



                                                                                  • 38. Re: Flash player IE activex error.
                                                                                    tombonica Level 1

                                                                                    Hi eidnolb,

                                                                                    Or Days of Our Lives with Flash Issues ;-)

                                                                                    I like doing both, Add/Remove, uninstaller and sometime for good measure I run CCleaner.

                                                                                    On ZDNet I like the blogs by Mary-Jo Foley, Ed Bott and the dude from Hardware 2.0 (Adrian something). Both Mary-Jo and Ed cover Microsoft, which I'm a big fan us :-) And speaking of Microsoft and anti-virus, I use the on-going beta of MSE. It's good.

                                                                                    I will make note of your ID here and will PM you when I install Flash 10.1

                                                                                    Thanks again eidnolb. Much appreciated.