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    Adobe Premeire to Youtube Help


           Hello I am a novice to adobe premire and i am wondering how to increase the size of my videos.So basiclly I have captured my source video whos dimensions I am not entirely sure on at the moment, but anyways I captured it useing a program and when i import it into adobe premire it is very small. So i try changeing the sizw which works for the most part however this process takes a very long time and i plan to do this on a daily basis, so any way to simplify this would be a bonus to me. However here is the real dilema when i upload it to youtube the quality is fairly poor, (link here) if anyone is any helpful information that would be enjoyed alot.  The production quality I'm shooting for is similar to this. Basiclly the entire screen filled with no black boxes and O.K. quality. I am using version 4.2.1 Adobe Premire Cs4. Also if anyone has a recomended preset, format, or preset that would also be helpful please include. And please excuse my puncuation, seplling, grammar, etc