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    onPeerConnect is not called for one flash client

    Authentic Sols


      I have a very strange problem. I have written an application in Adobe Stratus that works well for most of the clients but for some clients, it doesn't work. Let me tell you what exactly happens:


      1. I have two flash clients (say Client A and Client B)
      2. Client A is using Dell Studio 1555 with built in camera and Client B is using HP Dv2000 with built in camera and both are over the internet.
      3. Client B tries to communicate with Client A and Client A's oPeerConnect method is successfully called
      4. But in response of the above point, when Client A tries to connect to Client B, Client B's onPeerConnect method does not call.
      5. Due to this problem, Client B can get everything from Client A (i.e. Text, Audio and Video) but Client A can't get anything from Client B (i.e. Text, Audio and Video)


      This happen only for these clients. I have troubleshooted a lot but unable to find any reason for this. Can anybody of you please help me out what to do here and how to proceed to resolve the particular problem?