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    Audio unstable with AVC-INTRA

    Collinsgem Level 1

      I'm working with Premiere Pro CS4, with the last update 4.2.1 in a PC with Windows XP Professional and with the last driver of AVC-INTRA.

      When my project is open with AVC-INTRA files (AVC-I 50 1080i50), the two channels of audio changes at a little time and then only I monitoring one channel for the rest of time. Always, when I starting Premiere it's all right. But in a little bit of time, when I edit, for example, or change to another screen of windows, when I return, I only hear one channel of audio by the two speakers. After rendering, the final project it's all right with original two channels. I have installed Premiere in another PC (with windows 7 x64) and the problem is the same. First it's perfect but in two minuts I can't hear two channels. This files, in P2 Viewer from Panasonic, are all right always. The problem is only in Premiere Pro. Any suggestion?