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    attachMovie issue

      Here is my code:


      attachMovie_btn.onRelease = function(){
      this.attachMovie("pop up", "popup", 1);

      I have a stop action on frame 10 of mc called "moodboard" in scene 1 and trying to load a movie called "pop up" into the mc "moodboard.
      It's not working...does this script only work when the button is on scene 1 and your attaching a movie into scene 1 or can it be modified to attach a movie into another movie?

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          clbeech Level 3
          no, attachMovie will function from any place in the timeline provided you have the correct linkages set.

          Do you have a MC in the Library that has a 'Linkage identifier' of 'pop up' ? (btw you should avoid using spaces in your naming of items, or it may be a typeo here :) also is the Export in first frame check box set to true?

          additionally this code will attach the 'popup' MC to the 'attachMovie_btn' instance, if you would want this to attach to the main timeline you should target an MC instance or refer to either '_root' (not my favorite) OR ' _parent' OR '_level0'.