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    DW CS4 with Windows 7 - problems with Extension Manager



      I am new to this forum and have searched to see if anybody else has had this issue but can't find it.


      I have recently installed CS4 on a Windows 7 laptop. I had originally downloaded and installed it on an XP laptop where it was all fine.

      I had some problems with installation with the unlocking of the serial number on the new laptop - this was resolved by Adobe support.

      However now I am trying to install extensions and get the message that the Extension Manager is unavailable and I have to re-install.


      I have tried to contact Adobe using the Support portal but my post has been there for 4 days and I have had no response. I have just tried to call and after 12 minutes of being on hold - when the wait time was supposed to be 1 minute - I gave up.


      Can anyone help with this. Does this mean an uninstall then re-install again? In which case I will have the same serial number issue that I had before. Or is there any other way I can install the Extension Manager?

      Would really appreciate any help.