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    Why can't I get the pop-up menu behaviour on my website?


      It would be great to get some help as I am feeling very isolated sat at home with my PC.  I have built a few small websites and look after one for my father's small business but I am not a specialised designer or programmer - I just use the Dreamweaver functionality.  I built a website a year or so ago and successfully used the "pop-up menu behaviour" to make some really nice looking side menus.  I now urgently need to do this for my father's site as I have found that the top pull-down menu that was in place does not show up in Firefox browser.  But when I went to use the functionality the "Show pop-up menu" under "behaviours" is shaded out.  When I pull up the other website it works fine.  I've looked in the help function but there is nothing obvious to me.  Can anyone give any advice ?