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    Yet another HD to SD DVD amateur dilemma

    Paul R Stark Level 1

      I own the Adobe CS4 Master Suite.


      This is my first project. It is an educational video, an interview format with several backgrounds, slides, etc. to aid the lesson.


      I captured on an HVX-200p at 720p 59fps direct to OnLocation using a firwire. I modified a few 1080p AE projects, rendered in 1280 x 720 MP4 format and added them to the PP timeline. I also used AE to chroma key the green screen using Keylight. Then I added mostly, if not all, 1080p slides, backgrounds, etc for the cutaways.


      Project finished. Now it's time to dynamically link to Encore to produce a DVD, but the finished product is of poor quality. I know-it's a mess-many amateur mistakes.


      I have been unable to find a solution for a project like this with different source material, i.e., 1080p and 720p and maybe another format or two. There seem to be some complex solutions using several third party software (e.g., the Dan Isaacs workflow). However, another post seems to indicate that encoding to AME from PP in AVI, then importing the AVI and dynamically linking with Encore will make a nice SD DVD. Is this correct?


      Please point me in the right direction. Better yet, if there is a workflow that uses only Adobe products to get a good DVD I would appreciate that most.


      With thanks,