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    Robohelp displays Button even though display style is set as none

    Rithesh Krishnan

      Hello all,


      I am facing a very strange issue in my Robohelp 7.0. On setting a button a display style as none (please refer the code pasted below), it does not display the button on previewing the topic (using CTRL+W), but however on generating the webhelp the button is still there .. .


      The Code


      <img src="images/btnshowall.gif" name=showall onClick="JavaScript:jobCheck(this);swapImages(this);showorhide(this)"

      x-maintain-ratio=TRUE style="display: none; float: none; width: 73px; height: 21px;

      border-style: none; border-style: none;"  width=73 height=21 border=0>



      Is there any fault from my side.. Please help me out !