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    Repeatable Forms


      How can one repeat a subform with text and dropdown menues, but without having to have the button also repeat within the subform.

      So there are 2 buttons in the subform - add and delete (they are only visible on the screen), But I just want the fields repeated, without the buttons.


      Do I have to put the buttons outside the subform? Is there a way to isolate what is to be repeated?


      Thanks - PS: I am using the LC ES2 and love the new additions (recommend the upgrade) But is there a way to also get the Workbench ES2 seperately?

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          pguerett Level 6

          Yes ...moving the buttons outside of the subform will stop them from repeating, but you may have to modify the expression that calls the subform to include the parent subform. Also for the delete you pass in an index to let it know which one you wantt o remove. By having the button insode of the subform you can get the index by using this.parent.index. If you move the button outside you will not know which one they want to remove (unless you always take the last one).


          I do not understand your question about the workbench. Designer comes with workbench when you buy the LiveCycle product line. Worknbench is not sold on its own. You can get designer on its own though.



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            Shailevit Level 1

            Thank Paul.


            I was able to set the buttons in a seperate subform (since the entire document is Flowable). The using the action builder - sweet toy add-on it was simple to just point to the subform that I needed repeating. Remembering that I also had to make sure I set the subform as repeatable,

            Worked great.


            I do have a mnore complex question:


            Is it possible to have a form (text field) and resides in the middle of the original page, have it hidden (until invoked by a check box or button) and then appear - but have it so that I do not need to set the space for it, just the insertion point, and then if invoked, the form will allowcate the space dynamically to allow it to be visible and present.


            So to try to explain it better:  You have a PDF form with many fields all tightly formatted. you want to have a hidden form somewhere in the middle to appear once invoked. But usually I can only do this by creating the form and then setting it to hidden. Thje blank sapce then still remains and hence the form canm look odd. So I want the form to remain tightly formatted (one text box after another and so on) and only when invoked, the extra textfield will appear in an areas I specified by just marking it as an insertion point - not allocating the entire field for it.



            I hope this all makes sense.





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              pguerett Level 6

              Yes you can do that ....make sure that the field is wrapped in a subform and it is the subform that you want to show and hide. Make sure the presence is hidden and not invisible. The root subform must be set to flowed for this to work correctly. The field will take up space at Design time but will not when you render it (util you change its presence).



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                Shailevit Level 1
                Hi Paul,
                So it seems to work, but what is the action code to make the  subform appear? I set the main page as flowed. Have the subform as  hidden, went into the button action builder and tried both Show or  Hide an object or Enable or Disable an object - but neither of the two  actions worked.
                Any suggestions is much appreciated.
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                  pguerett Level 6

                  I woudl need to see the form to truely understand what you are doing. Send it to LiveCycle8@gmail.com and I wil have a look when I get a chance. Make sure you include a synopsis of the issue please.