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    Crossdomain.xml request unanswered by FMS 3.5 Application


      Hi all,


      I need help with a strange issue:


      I have a FMS 3.5 running a VOD service (on-line training based on videos) on what I call a "streaming server".


      The client loads the Player from a secure (separate) domain, and the Player then requests the SMIL files from the webroot of the Apache server (part of the FMS installation. The Player then starts the video which is streamed dynamically.


      In order for the Player to get the SMIL files, it is making a crossdomain.xml request to the Streaming Server. When it get the response, it continues the process.


      PROBLEM: Sometimes, the crossdomail.xml response from the Streaming Server is SEVERELY delayed, with perhaps 5 minutes. So the end user experience is that it does not work.


      I improved the situation by opening up more ports on the Windows Firewall of the Stremaing Server (now open for 1935,80,443,8134) and it works say 90%+ of the times. But there are still occations when there is no response.


      I have not specified a crossdomain.xml file, so the response is the default "*" from the application.


      Any ideas???? Appreciate any tips.