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    Corrupt Text and Images after install of 9.3.2


      Dear All,


      I am having an issue with Reader 9.3.2 that I cannot explain. We rolled out 9.3.2 a few days ago and all seemed fine except for one user. Now he has a really weird problem that is driving me nuts. All his document have a really strange graining effect when opened. Picture a document scanned multiple times so you get jagged edges on the text and overall pixelation. At first I thought this may be some weird rendering options ticked in preferences but alas I do not seem to have this issue on my system if I copy his settings one to one. My question is has anyone else experienced this kind of graphical anomaly on their PC? And if yes how did you fix it!

      The OS we run is Winxp SP3  and his workstation is a esprimo 5925. I can follow up with more tech details if needed.


      look forward to you response best regards