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    justify text


      Hi all,


      i'm making an attempt to justify my text in catalyst but it's seems it's impossible.
      Am I just missing the button or.. ?

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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3


          Great question.

          When you use the text tool in Catalyst to create some text, it automatically chooses 'Point Text' in the properties panel.

          To justify your text, you need to use 'Area Text'.

          1) Select the text object you'd like to justify.

          2) In the properties panel, change the dropdown in the top right from 'Point Text' to 'Area Text'.

          3) An 'Alignment' field now appears, with 'Left' set as the default.

          4) From the dropdown, select 'Justify'.


          Note that you can't change the alignment until after you've created the text. (Type text, commit it (enter, or click away), and then reselect it to alter its properties).

          Is this what you were looking for? Does it work for you?

          Let me know, and thanks for posting.


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            spiritonline123 Level 1

            That worked like a charm! thanks for the fast and kind reply