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      I am producing a CD ROM with a number of 3d animations on, I have rendered the animations as mpeg 2 as they offer the best quality and are cross platform. When i import them into director everything seems to be fine on the actual PC is build the project in but when I test the project on other systems I get the dreaded red cross where the files are supposed to be. Is there a problem with the file paths?

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          It may be a problem with file paths.  If that is the case, try putting everything (projector as well as all media) into the same folder.  Then there will be no path issues and you'll know.


          But, it is much more likely that the target machine (the one with the red X) doesn't have the Mpeg-2 codec installed.  It is not installed by default on any version of Windows.  And it is not free to install.  It is a decidedly poor choice for your video.


          My advise would be to use flv (flash video).  You can play the flv video in a swf container in Director.  You'll get great quality, small file sizes, and no codec's required (all is included in the flash xtra).


          Also, how are you playing your video in Director?  I mean which xtra are you using?  If you are using Quicktime, then you need to make sure that Quicktime is installed on the PC (it is not installed by default on any version of Windows).  For Mpeg video, I would use the Mpeg Advance xtra from Tabuleiro.  It is not free, but it is worth it.