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    Transition between two different sizes of the same image

    kyle ragaller

      Im currently working on a project where I have a 92x92 pixel image that needs to tween into a 711x300 pixel image.  The images are the same but cropped to these sizes via photoshop, imported into flash, then converted to graphic symbols.  I want to have the 92x92 image tween into the 711x300 image.


      I say tween, but the two tweens aren't working correctly, so I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas.   I can't seem to find a "crop" like function in flash that will let me adjust the large image for when its supposed to be small, then have it tween between the two sizes as i need them to.


      I cant seem to figure it out and I need some help.    Any suggestions?




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can only tween an individual object, meaning what lives at one end of the tween also lives at the other end.  So chances are you will need to tween the larger image from the small dimensions to the larger dimensions.  Create it as a graphic or movieclip symbol and tween the symbol.

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            kyle ragaller Level 1

            Right, thats what I have discovered through my troubleshooting.  The thing is, the aspect ratios are different for what I need and I cant seem to find how to readjust the aspect ratio to fit the design sceme that's been chosen.  I initially did just resize the larger one, but since the ratio stayed panoramic, my designs weren't quite working out. 


            I need to change the aspect ratio of the larger image withough disrupting how the image looks (squish/stretch).  When I would chose my symbol and hit cmd+B till I'd get the speckled selection around the symbol, then apply a shape tween between the two symbols.  The smaller symbol would expand to the size i needed as the tween progressed, but would tile the image within the enlarging cell.  Then the tween would end, and my larger picture would appear.  This isn't gonna work, either.


            Still, need some advise.