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    I'm new and don't get it yet. Please help with adding video to timeline.


      Please give me direction with this.


      I  created 5 swfs (simple, short animations) The swfs are named "movie1," "movie2," and so on. I want to import all 5 movie clips and thread them  together so that they play one after the other inside the timeline of a new Flash  Document. I am hoping to have "movie 1" play, stop,  have "movie 2" play, stop and so on until the 5th "movie plays then  stops (no looping necessary). It will be played on a Mac laptop and not online.


      I've been fiddling with timeline actions for 2  days and can't figure how to lead one movie to the other. I've been using  Action Script 2 so far.

      What I've done is create 5 layers (1 for each clip)


      "movie1" is on layer 1, frame 1

      "movie2" is on layer 2, frame 2

      "movie3" is on layer 3, frame 3

      "movie4" is on layer 4, frame 4

      "movie5" is on layer 5, frame 5


      Is this workable?


      Thanksk all.

      Al Naclerio