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    fax/send pdf in flash

      Hi, I am a moderate flash designer and mostly make animations. I don't work with actionscript too much so I really need your guys' help. I need 2 things.

      First: I am making an internet fax demo where I want someone to enter their email in a simple text box, click send, and it will email a pdf document to the email address (a sample fax).

      Second: In the same demo, there will be another text box, where a user would enter a fax number, hit send, and it will fax them the pdf (or the stuff in the pdf in any other format) to their fax machine.

      is this doable using flash? I don't even mind if i have to use a php or a xml file. but in that case, i also want to know what to write in the actionscript to call those files.

      I would really appreciate if someone could please help me out with this. I had been searching all night, i found some actionscripts but have no clue what they mean.
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          i_luv_pitza Level 1
          A little change, the company now has a backend email address where for example if someone wants to send something to a fax numer 973-123-1234 they simply send it to 9731231234@company.com and it goes right to that fax number. So i guess all i need to know now is how to send a pdf attachement through flash. I know how to send just basic typed text to an email but i don't know to send a pdf attachement with it everytime.