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    flex printing - I am generating multiple components and adding them to a VBOX, but when I print only


      I'm just going to post the code:


      public function generateInvoice(o:Array):void{ printRepeaterData = o;
      for(i=0; i<=printRepeaterData.length-1;i++)     { var v:invoicePrintView = new invoicePrintView(); vBoxContainer.addChild(v); v.generateInvoice(printRepeaterData[i]);
      if(i==printRepeaterData.length-1){dispatchEvent(new Event("batchGenerated"));} } }


      So when that event fires, it trigers this code in the parent component *


      private function printJobCreator():void{ var printJob:FlexPrintJob=new FlexPrintJob(); printJob.start(); printJob.addObject(printableInvoice); printJob.send(); }


      Does anyone have enough experience to help me with this? **