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    Flash Builder/Catalyst for Site design without coding?


      Hello I have used flash very little I am more of a photoshop/illustrator/indesign user but I have heard that flash builder or catalyst is supposed to make it easier to build web applications without coding.


      Here is what I am looking to do:


      I would like to build an interface that would allow a customer to design a product namely a piece of clothing, I would like to lay down a 2D swatch over a 3D frame, I would like the ability to zoom in and rotate 360 degrees.  Additionaly the customer would be able add that product to a shopping cart for purchase.


      To me it seems the interface could be built rather easily I would however need a developer to set up a database and connect it as well as a payment module.




      Do any of the new flash platforms allow anything like this to be built without coding?