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    update virus

    cooler guy

      I updated Adobe 9.3.2 cpsid_53951  Does anyone else know if this is legit or if it's a virus.

      I tried to uninstall it and it won't let me know.  HELP PLEASE...



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          pwillener Level 8

          It's legitimate - why do you think it's a virus?  For details see


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            I have the same issue. I was presented with an

            Adobe reader update about an hour ago and I installed it. 5 minutes later I

            was presented with another Adobe update but this time the

            update included the Adobe logo.


            My adobe reader now does not work and my Symantec Antivirus is disabled.

            It sounds like a virus to me. Or maybe a Phishing incident.

            I am still trying to run some scans to find what ever the problem is.

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              What do you see in your Add/Remove programs?


              What is your OS?


              Get someone else to log into your machine with a different account and see if they can open Adobe Reader.

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                sjvflash Level 1

                I finally got my antivirus to scan my computer and saw your question in gmail.

                My computer is running MS XP Pro SP3

                My Adobe reader was version 8. I was reading a training manual and I noticed

                a popup message in the task bar about an update to Adobe reader.

                After I finished reading I closed the Adobe reader and applied the update.

                A few minutes later  observed another Adobe reader update with the Adobe logo on it.

                I installed this update also. Then I opened the book again and I had no navigation toolbars.


                I was able to fix Adobe Reader by uninstalling it (after I rebooted into safe mode and ran a full Antivirus scan)

                I then downloaded and installed the new version 9 and it works fine.

                The virus scan did not find any viruses only a no name tracking cookie.

                I don't know what happened but everything is running ok now.


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                  Elemanzer Level 1

                  You have have add say version 8.2 and you updated to 8.2.1 and then to

                  8.2.2.  But getting 9.3.2 is your best bet.