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    Flex 4 web application not loading (blank white swf)

    PDSB_Greg Level 1

      We've recently updated our code-base from the Flex 4 Beta 2 SDK to the Flex 4 final SDK.  The release builds using the final SDK do not load on all user's machines (the Beta 2 builds were all ok).  The flash player version varies on our systems, but in all cases the version is higher than 10.0.  All machines (we all use Win XP sp3) with the debug player will load the release version without a problem.  Some machines with the non debug player will load the application, others will not (it loads to a blank white swf and the Flex SDK does not load (the preloader is not visible)).


      In the compiler settings in Flash Builder 4, I've tried to add -debug=false -optimize=true but that had no effect.  I've also done a search for any debug-only code in the application (there are 2 "trace" statements in there) and have commented that code out.  Also no effect.


      Any suggestions as to where I should look next?