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    Flash Gallery - Need Help Please!

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      Hi, I want to make an image gallery like this (see image) using Flash. The gallery uses an .XML file to dynamically load the images, so all you need to do is size your images and then add them to the appropriate folder, then edit the .XML file. The thumbnails scroll too. Can this be done in Flash? Does somebody know where I can find an .XML file that will do this.


      I didn't want to use a proprietary gallery solution, because they require you to have their logo on your gallery page etc. and I'd like to design the page to my liking.


      I have little programming experience on how to do this so I was hoping for some help. Are there files around that will allow me to do this? I am also open to other suggestions that might be better, but I'd like the look of my gallery to be similar to the example I've posted.