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    Do I have 8.0.1 installed or not?


      When Premiere 8 starts, the splash screen says 8.0

      In Help, the screen says 8.0

      When I try using "Update" it says I am up to date.

      When I manually download the 8.0.1 update, it won't install because it says I'm already update.


      So, am I updated? Should it say 8.0.1 ??


      If I'm not updated, should I worry much? I do have a few crashes after extensive editing. I can tell its getting close because things become sluggish, so I'll save, close and at least restart the program, though a reboot is better.


      I'm running Vista Ultimate, 32bit, with 4gb of ram. Phenom X4. Video card is AMD but is the HD3200 onboard video.

      Overall pretty stable and rarely just quits with no warning.


      as a side question, would I benefit from a good standalone Radeon video card?