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    After 8.0.1 - just curious


      Just curious if anyones heard of possible updates after 8.0.1?


      Its usable after the update (and much dumming down of my computer), but still far from perfect.  In fact, I strongly suspect the comments and work flows Steve and Bill have provided helped ME out more than the 8.0.1 update or any changes I made to the computer.  I'm sure that's just my experience though.


      Thanks guys, and everyone else that contributes!!!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Anyone, who knows, is not allowed to say. Anyone, who says, does not know. If Adobe is working on a new update, it will be subrosa, until Adobe is ready to announce it. At that time, we'll get a statement from Adobe, and probably like with 8.0.1, there will be a notice that it is available for the Updater, and then in time, as an installer archived file.


          Considering that PrE 9 is historically coming out at the end of 3rd Quarter, or early 4th Quarter, I would be a bit surprised if there are updates, but then I have been surprised by other things in the past. Just a guess - PrE 9 will address what some have encountered in PrE 8.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Hunt. It's not likely we'll see another update for version 8.

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              Anthony Abegglen

              I was invited to the CS5 launch last week , I asked about PE8 and updates and the anwser was PE9 is very close to been launched, Also asked about would it be 32bit or 64bit answer was 32bit, I think and maybe wrong they will put one or to new features and add on, fix 8.0.1and  rebundel it and call it 9.

              Even though 8.0.1 for me is a big improvement on  8 ,I feel Adobe should take more time to sort out the current bugs and other funniy thing  make it work as advertized.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Thank you for reporting from the introduction roll-out. That info is good to hear.


                Historically, PrE has been on a once per year schedule, while PrPro is about 18 mos. Those two programs have different market segments and different competition. For PrE, it's going head-to-head with Magix, CyberLink, Sony Vegas (non-Pro), Pinnacle and a couple more. The target users need and want different things, than the target users of PrPro. However, it is nice to see features of each finding their way into the other program.


                I would expect to seem more native support for DSLR footage make its way into PrE, with more Presets. I would expect to see Burn to Folder for BD Projects. I would expect to see even tighter integration with Win7, and maybe full certification of use with a 64-bit OS. I am not surprised that PrE 9 is not yet a 64-bit app., as there is still a significant install-base of 32-bit OS's out there. To deny those users an NLE would be a tough call for any product manager. At the price-point of PrE, I can see why Adobe would not want to include two different versions, to accommodate either 32-bit, or 64-bit. If a user needs the full power of a 64-bit NLE app., there is always PrPro CS5, which will be 64-bit only. Already, so of the PrPro users are screaming, since they will have to upgrade their OS, just to use the new program. Still, Adobe's surveys indicated that the PrPro users were more willing to upgrade their systems and the OS, to get more power from the program, and would not balk with a 64-bit only program. Most feel that way. Still, there are some, who do not want to spend the $, but do want the power. Always a tough call for a product manager, and at least Adobe did their homework with a bunch of user surveys.


                In the next few months, there will be many posts on how to get the 32-bit version of PrPro CS5, just like there was when PrPro went full SSE2, and the users with older AMD processors were left out in the cold. Same thing on the PrE forum. Power brings change.


                Good luck, and again, thanks for reporting,