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    CFDIV binding problem

    LukeDD Level 1
      I'm trying to create a MS Outlook interface using cf8 ajax feature and I can't seem to figure this error out. I get Elemet not found : myInbox. How do I pass a variable from one cfdiv to another. I hightlighted the problematic line.

      <cfset rightNow = Now()>
      <cfset lastWeek = DateAdd("d","-7", rightNow)>
      <cfajaximport tags="cfgrid, cfdiv">
      var myInbox.uid
      username ="myusername"
      password="and password"
      connection="testconn1" protocol="https">

      <cflayout type="border" style="border:1px solid red;">
      <cflayoutarea position="left" style="width:250px">
      <cfform format="html">
      <cftree format="html" name="mailfolders">
      <cftreeitem value="Mailbox" expand="yes">
      <cftreeitem parent="Mailbox" expand="yes" value="Inbox" />
      <cftreeitem parent="Mailbox" expand="yes" value="Deleted Items" />
      <cfdiv bind="content.cfm?value={mailfolders.node}" />
      <cflayoutarea position="center" style="width:100%">
      <cflayout type="border">
      <cflayoutarea position="top" style="height:400">
      <cfdiv bind="url:mailfolder.cfm?mailfolder={mailfolders.node}" />
      <cflayoutarea position="center" >
      <cfdiv bind="url:message.cfm?uid={myInbox.toid}" />