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    PP5 - CUDA Cards/Live Vid Previews/Timeline Codecs

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      I would like to be able to work in CS5 with my timeline on either on one big computer monitor (or split across two smaller computer monitors, like I have now), and have a live HD preview (in real-time with accurate color) to a an HDMI or HD-SDI Monitor/LED/Plasma TV for color corrections and client reviews. I'm looking at the Quadro 3800 card or equivalent (or I might wait a bit).


      -Is this possible?

      -Should I have a dedicated "video output" card from Blackmagic or Kona?

      -If I need a dedicated card, does that limit my timeline/editing codecs? (My acquisition format is 1080p30 XDCAM EX, but I want to mix-n-match on the timeline)

      -If I work with an intermediate codec like Cineform, can I still get the realtime preview using those cards AND also get CS5 CUDA support?


      Just trying to keep up. Thanks in advance.

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          In CS4 I accomplish this with two video cards.  One card drives my two Dell monitors with PP spread across them both and the second card drives my HD LCD reference monitor.  I had a BM card installed but after I got rid of all of my analog decks, (BetaSP etc) I decided to not use the BM card any more.  I didn't like editing with their presets and prefer to use Adobe's presets that match the source material.


          My first job after making this change was with EX footage, it works great...no problems whatsoever!  The second card can be a cheapie as long as it has enough "umph" to drive your footage.  It is also great for AE use as well.  If you have an old card lying around, I would recommend trying it and see if it suits your fancy.


          As soon as CS5 is delivered, I will upgrade to one of the approved cards for my main monitors and move the higher end card that I use now into the second slot to drive the reference monitor.


          Hope that helps!

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            Thanks for the information. I guess it's safe to *assume* that dual display cards would work to drive the other reference/program monitor. Is that monitor in real-time? And would you trust it for color correction work as well? I think I would prefer to use the Adobe presets, if possible.  But I've also heard stories of poor/un-true color out on these video cards. (You are working in an RGB workspace instead of video, right?) I've been looking at BM and Kona for HD-SDI out to a true "TV", but then again I've gotten stuck with legacy hardware cards and unsupported codecs in  the past...

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              Yes, I have the reference and program monitors along with the timeline on monitor 2.  I have project folders, media browser, tools, effect controls and effects tab on monitor 1.  The playback settings are set to playback on Monitor 3 which shows up under the external device selector.


              I was a die hard CRT monitor guy for reference monitors (blue,setup, etc.) until I started with HD.  I felt I needed a good HD reference.  I purchased a decent HD LCD monitor but was worried about calibration, so at the same time I got a Spyder3 Pro calibration tool for color control.  I check all of my monitors regularly and have had no color issues.