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    3D Rotation Bug fixed by MOVING .FLA?


      One of the strangest things I've EVER seen with any software.

      I teach Animation at a high school.

      I had my students do the following, using Flash CS4, on Windows XP SP3, with Flash 10 installed.  All software latest as of April 2010.


      IN FLASH:

      (1)  Place a clipart image on the stage.  Convert clipart to a MOVIE CLIP SYMBOL.

      (2)  Place a motion tween in the timeline for the layer with the clipart symbol.

      (3)  Move the clipart along a motion path.

      (4)  While traveling along the motion path, use the 3D ROTATION TOOL on the clipart, rotating along X, Y and Z axis.

      (5)  Scrub and play... everything is fine.  Plays just fine inside flash with the clipart 3D rotating along the motion path.



      (1)  Press CTRL + ENTER to test the movie.

      (2)  Motion Tweened and all 3D rotated clipart symbols in upper-left corner, centered on REGISTRATION POINT!
      RESULT:  No motion path, no 3D rotation.  Symbols just sit there in upper corner of screen!


      I was baffled for two days with this... Every time I created an SWF (real or test), there was no motion.  Tried multiple things.  Translations, different menus, different WAYS of doing the rotation.  Deleting SWF files.  Changes to the Motion Editor, on and on...



      (1)  Save the FLA and close flash

      (2)  Move the FLA to a new empty folder

      (4)  Double clicked FLA to open it in flash.  Tested SWF, and...

      RESULT:  All motion paths and 3D rotations work!!!!


      Does anybody have an idea why ****moving**** an FLA file (and doing nothing else) would fix **3D Rotation** in an SWF????