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    Illustrator CS4 Running Extremely Slow


      We are running Illustrator CS4 (version 14.0.0) on a Mac Pro with OS 10.5.8. When we are working on files with a fair to large amount of linked, not embedded, images, the speed of Illustrator is DRAMATICALLY slower. We get the lovely beach ball with just about every move we make - switching tools, locking/unlocking layers, clicking on an element. The beach ball is there for 3 or more seconds with each move - causing the simplest of tasks to take forever. Document size doesn't seem to matter. It happens on a 350 MB file and on a 60 MB file. It does seem like the files it happens to have a fair amount of linked images placed - some have 10 links. some have up to 30 links. Has anyone run into this problem? I haven't found many complaints online, but can't imagine we are the only ones with this problem. I'm anxiously waiting for CS5 in hopes it will solve this problem. Any suggestions?


      One more thing - these files that are slow in CS4, run normal in CS3. I don't notice anything being sluggish with them in CS3,