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    Timestamp & FTP Question

    mrsdesignsherman Level 1

      While working on a client site, I uploaded the site files the first time with no problems. However, when I go to make changes to editable ICE regions or other page elements, the changes don't appear in the browser.

      I have noticed that the timestamp on the files doesn't match, even after completely synchronizing and even reuploading the entire site. They seem to be about an hour off. It doesn't seem to make sense. This can't be a time region issue, can it? It's never happened before.


      I also tried uploading the files from CyberDuck and experienced the same issues.


      Any thoughts?

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          whattevva Level 2

          Not sure about the time stamp issue, but it could very likely be a cached file issue. When you view the page in your browser, it caches all elements on the page and remembers them the way you saw them the first time. When you make a change and try to preview, your computer may be outsmarting you and displaying the cached files instead of your new files... try clearing your computer's browser cache and try again (or try to preview the link on a different computer...)


          Hope that helps...


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            mrsdesignsherman Level 1

            Hi Jesse!


            Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question.


            Unfortunately, I have already cleared caches on my browsers. Any other ideas?