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    Text Layout Framework, ASElement, tlfElement, Flash Javascript API/JSFL


      I'm looking for documentation on the new constructor "ASElement" in CS5, a prototype of the Element object, but undocumented in the "Extending Flash" documentation. I need the methods and properties for use in the Javascript API, not the Actionscript methods and properties. When looping through the properties of the object it only shows the properties that are shared by all Elements, none if the Text object elements., leaving it as the only DOM Element in a flash document that can't be manipulated with the Javascript API.

      To start with just knowing how to get and set the text from the API would be great.



        • 1. Flash Javascript API access to the Text Layout Framework (tlfElement / ASElement)
          davebelais Level 1

          I'm writing an SVG export extension and can manage to parse everything in the DOM except the new Text Layout Framework, which is represented by DOMTLFText in the uncompressed xfl.

          Earlier in butting my head against the wall with anomalies in Shape/Group transformation matrices I discovered an undocumented Element attribute ( Element.objectSpaceBounds ) without which I could never have successfully assembled Shape Elements. Since then I've discovered that there are a lot of undocumented attributes, but if there are undocumented methods or getters I would have no way of finding out since I wouldn't be able to iterate over them.

          I was wondering if there might not be a method or attribute available but not yet documented for retrieving the markup for an Element of type tlfText, or any way of directly accessing the DOM structure as it is in the xfl file ( but from the javascript API ).

          I suppose this would be a question for and Adobe developer..?

          Any insight appreciated...