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    iFileAttachmentPerms not working as a FeatureLockDown


      Okay, Assuming everyone has heard about the possible exploit in Adobe Reader where malicious code could be ran if you have "Allow opening of non-PDF file attachements with external applications" enabled (Under: Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager > "PDF File Attachments").


      Here's a URL: http://blogs.adobe.com/adobereader/2010/04/didier_stevens_launch_function.html


      So, this can be prevented by editting the HKCU Registry.  While that is fine and dandy, it really is a "Band-Aid" since it would be best to set this System Wide instead of on a "Per User" basis.


      Now, in comes the Adobe "Administrator's Information Manager".  According to this, it states:


      Data type:           int

      Default:               0

      Since Ver. #:       8.0

      Path:                  HKCU\Software\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\

      Lock Path:          HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\(version)\FeatureLockDown\cDefaultLaunchAttachmentPerms

      Summary:           Prevents users from opening or launching file types other than PDF or FDF and disables the menu option in Trust Manager.

      Details:               True locks the feature and disables the UI item.

      GUI Mapping:      Preferences > Trust Manager > Attachment panel > Allow opening of Non-PDF file attachments with external applications.


      Having manually created the entry for the "Lock Path", it does not perform as described.  Has anyone had any luck using this?